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VPASP Shopping Cart System

The VP-ASP Deluxe Pac is a complete, sophisticated, and powerful e-commerce solution – providing a range of functionality far beyond that of a simple shopping cart solution. Using VP-ASP Deluxe will provide you with a host of tools allowing you to create a truly world-class store.

The VP-ASP Deluxe Pac offers all of the features of the VP-ASP Plus! Pac as well as state-of-the-art add-ons.

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Advanced Features of the VP-ASP Deluxe Pac:

* Customer Loyalty Program. Increase customer loyalty and drive sales by awarding customers with points for buying goods at your online store. The customer is able to redeem all or part of their points for gift certificates or discount coupons. The management of the loyalty program (such as setting conversion rate of points to currency & the ability to manually add or remove points) is in the complete control of the merchant.

* Recurring Billing & Installment Sales. This advanced feature allows the sale of products that require the billing of a customer on a periodic basis (e.g. subscriptions).

* Gift Registry. Increase revenue by allowing customers to setup their own Gift Registries! Customers are able to select items from your store – then friends or family can opt to purchase the items that have been pre-selected! In addition, the Gift Registry tracks items that have been bought or those that remain, and allows the customer to modify (add or delete items) the registry at any time.

* Pin Numbers or License Keys. Need to send your customer unique product details at the end of an order? VP-ASP is perfect for you! The Pin Number functionality can be used to send unique details related to a products obtained by looking in the table of stored numbers (created by the merchant). Once the order is complete, the number is marked as “used”, and will not be sent again. This functionality is perfect for retailers of phone cards or software merchants.

VP-ASP is flexible - over 350 configuration options such as coupons, gift certificates, customer based pricing and quantity discounts allow you to turn on features when you are ready.
Productivity tools such as automated extended descriptions can save weeks of development for large stores.
VP-ASP is priced to suit any budget. It ranges from the free version to $US450.
VP-ASP is international and can be used in any language and currency.
VP-ASP conveniently resides on your server or your choice of web hosting company.
VP-ASP comes with many FREE add-ons such as real time shipping (UPS, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post and more).
VP-ASP supports Pay Pal and 70+ payment gateways or if you wish no payments at all.
VP-ASP includes extensive merchant administration and reports.

VPASP Feature List

VP-ASP Installation/Summary

  • No plug-ins or system updates
  • Just unzip files.
    VP-ASP is ready to use
  • Browser based administration
  • Unlimited products, categories
  • Use as complete storefront
  • Integrates into any existing web 
  • Full open source
  • Easy installation from a zip file
  • Developer Discounts
  • Reseller and ISP discounts
  • Free add-ons for gateways, languages and real-time shipping
  • No ongoing fees
  • Free upgrades for a year
  • Customer forum
  • Turn on shopping features as you need them
  • Simple shops can be up and running in an hour. Just add your products.

VP-ASP Payment Options

  • Paypal
  • 100+ electronic gateways such as Paypal, Authorizenet, Verisign
  • Offline credit card processing
  • Bypass payments
  • Any other non credit type of payment
  • Real time currency conversions
  • Dual currency displays
  • Reusable gift certificates
  • Any currency type
  • Service payments (take payments for auctions and non product services)
  • Digital downloads and attachments
  • Secure digital delivery
  • Pin Number delivery
  • Recurring Billing
  • Points Rewards
  • 3-4 digit card verification number optional or required

VP-ASP Products/Inventory

  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited product features such as color, size or any attribute you decide upon
  • Features as drop down lists, radio buttons, fill in text, quantities, check boxes
  • Feature based prices and weights
  • Cross selling
  • Coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Customer based pricing (retail, wholesale, etc)
  • Quantity based pricing
  • Delivery address per product
  • Stock Control by product or feature
  • Discounts based on order amount
  • Product rating and reviews
  • Top Sellers
  • Wish lists
  • Display products as a catalog only
  • Call for price
  • Dependent products 
  • Ask a question
  • Make an offer
  • Buy one get x free
  • Multiple images per product
  • HTML editor or product and category descriptions
  • Out of stock messages or auto hide products when stock depleted

VP-ASP Shipping and Taxes

  • 15+ shipping calculations- price range, quantity range, weight, weight range etc
  • Real time shipping - free add-ons
  • UPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post, Thai Post, Intershipper for DHL and many other shipping companies
  • Tax by state
  • Tax by country
  • Tax by product
  • Handling fixed or by product
  • Individual delivery address by product
  • Product based shipping calculations
  • Free shipping over a certain amount
  • European VAT exemption handling
  • Call for price shipping cost
  • Enhanced product excludes for shipping and taxes
  • Short term delivery date and time with exclusions for certain period
  • Markups for real-time shipping
  • Free shipping by product
  • Free shipping by order amount
  • Country based shipping
  • Tax exempt products
  • Canadian tax free add-on
  • Australian GST free add-on

VP-ASP Mailing

  • Mail to merchant on order completion
  • Mail to Customer on order completion
  • Mail to others (mailing list) on order completion
  • Mail to suppliers on order completion
  • Mail on customer buying a gift certificate
  • Mail to Tell a friend
  • Mail on order tracking message to merchant
  • Bulk mailing by merchant
  • Mail to merchant on new customer registration
  • Mail to merchant on new product review
  • Mail to customer on order tracking message by merchant
  • Mail to merchant on new gift registry creation
  • Mail to merchant on affiliate registration
  • Mail to affiliate on registration
  • Mail on order received for affiliate 
  • Mail on processing an order by
  • Mailing attachments

VP-ASP Customer Service

  • Orders stored in database
  • Customer history of all orders
  • Customer can restore orders
  • Repeat customer recognition
  • Discounts and loyalty programs
  • Affiliate Program
  • Gift Registry
  • Wish List
  • Join mailing list
  • Pre-sales registration
  • Forced login before shopping
  • Logged order tracking messages
  • Customer based discounts
  • Pin Number delivery
  • Express Checkout
  • Wish list per product
  • SMS messaging

VP-ASP Design and layout

  • Fully flexible design
  • HTML template formatting or no template formatting
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited categories/subcategories
  • Unlimited subcategory depth
  • Advanced Search facilities
  • Customizable search facility
  • Thumbnails and larger images
  • Automated extended descriptions
  • Add to cart button on existing sites
  • Order multiple products with one click
  • Mouse only ordering
  • Random product displays
  • Mini cart always visible
  • 350+ configuration options
  • Your own database fields dynamically used for forms, search, display and editing
  • Auto alphabetic links
  • Dynamic headers

VP-ASP Back Office

  • Update products using browser
  • Update any table via browser
  • Browser reporting
  • Bulk Updating from files
  • Bulk mailing- text or HTML
  • Bulk Imports
  • Display and print orders
  • Order tracking messages
  • Send message on order processed
  • Configure over 400 Shop options using the browser
  • Multiple administrators with different privileges
  • Advanced SQL reports
  • Export any table
  • QuickBooks integration via export or
    third party software
  • Static HTML generation for search engines
  • Add and modify languages

VP-ASP Reports

  • Sales reports
  • Search query reports
  • Total sales
  • Total sales by product and supplier
  • Affiliate Reports
  • Recurring Billing
  • Content management

VP-ASP Database and System

  • Open ASP source
  • Access, MySQL and SQL Server 
  • MYSQL now supported in all versions
  • MYSQL can be used on Microsoft Windows
  • Full SSL Support
  • Full shared SSL support
  • Separate products database
  • Split orders database

VP-ASP International

  • Use any language
  • Automatic language switching
  • Dual Currency displays
  • International shipping calculations
  • International date formats
  • Any currency symbol
  • International Paypal support
  • Auto currency conversion in real time
  • Multi Currency

VP-ASP Anti-Hacker Security

  • Prevent hackers from order based on e-mail or IP address
  • Dual password login to Administration
  • Totally hide administration
  • Prevent certain countries from ordering
  • Always use database prices
  • Other internal security checks to prevent SQL injection
  • IP to country checks
  • Email admin owner when someone tries to access admin log in page
  • Security alerts if unsecure pages found on server
  • Security notices delivered directly to admin

VP-ASP Content Management

  • Full Content management on any page you choose such as privacy, about us, what's new
  • Template driven or non template driven with images and text
  • Merge any table with any template
  • Dynamic menu for content pages with full control via the new Navigation Manager

VP-ASP Affiliates

  • Commission reports over any time period
  • Affiliate registration, change details and forgotten password
  • Review Orders
  • Email on order
  • Two level commission
  • Commission by percent, by product, by category
  • Affiliate status including links, last order, orders
  • Bulk mail to affiliates using HTML, plain text or mail merge
  • Affiliate based look and feel
  • Coupons can be associated with affiliates for advertising campaigns

Note: some features listed in the summary above require either the VP-ASP Value Pac, the VP-ASP Plus! pac or the VP-ASP Deluxe Pac.
To access the Download Center for the range of payment gateways and shipping modules the VP-ASP Starter Extras! Pac is required.

The Seller's Bay ecommerce packages includes:

  • Your own password protected control panel that is web page based, so that you can edit your entire VP-ASP cart system from any computer with an Internet connection.
  •  We can customize your VP-ASP cart to look just like the rest of your site. (added fee).
  • You will be able to give your customers new incentives such as:
    • Gift certificates
    • Coupons
    • Order tracking
  • You can add almost any credit card gateway to this system, or none at all and use your own credit card terminal.  Your credit card acceptance page will be secure and encrypted.
  • You will be able to start your own online email list.  With this list, you can email all your customers with a click of a button.
  • Save thousands by updating your own website product pages.
We are licensed resellers of this fantastic cart system.  We not only sell their cart system, but we customize and host it to fit each individual business. 
Seller's Bay sells the cart system for the same price or less as VPASP does, but we add the option of  customization and hosting. 
If you are already familiar with editing websites and do not need someone else to do it for you, then you can simply purchase the cart in its original form and install it yourself. 
We will install, customize, and host your cart system.  All you will have to do is learn how to update the system. VP-ASP has free, detailed manuals available for download. These manuals cover everything you will need to know about your new cart system. More Details.
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