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Articles, and new concerning search engine optimization.

As most of you already know, the Google Panda and Penguin updates have changed the way we optimize our websites in a big way.  It used to be that we could just point a ton of links to a website and it would rank high in search engines, well those days are gone.

 The good news is that we can still optimize our sites and gain tons of truly valuable links by creating highly interesting and useful content.  Creating useful content will create natural links to it from visitors that want to tell others about it and bookmark it, maybe even post it on their own website with a link back to your website.

For Example:  Let’s say you own a landscaping business; you could create a blog post for tips on maintaining your lawn, planting different types of trees, plants or how to take care of your plants, among thousands of other topics.  The important things to note for each article is:

  1. Each article, page or blog post should be well written.  If you are not a good writer then please hire someone that is so you can be sure that each post is the best it can be.
  2. Useful or very interesting to the reader; make sure that you are writing about something that the visitors will want to share, bookmark and or link to.  This is the main goal of each post, you want to create a buzz for each article, so that people think it’s worth sharing with a friend.  There are many ways they can share your content, such as; clicking your facebook like button, sending the link to a friend, linking from their blog or website to your post, adding it to many other social networking sites out there such as linkedin, twitter…  I think you can see that this can create a ton of links if you have the correct content.
  3. Focused on a single topic.  Don’t spread your posts too thin, it’s best to pick one topic at a time and focus on it.  If you feel that other topics need to be mentioned then write a post on that topic also and link to it from the one you are writing.
  4. 100% Unique and not a spun article, spinning an article means that you use the same article over and over but for each one you change words so that it seems unique to search engines.  I highly recommend you do not do this, it’s viewed as spam, and it creates a bunch of garbage on the Internet.  Instead create high-quality, unique content for each and every post and it will pay off in the long run.

Also, on the actual pages of your website you should go through them and make sure they are also reader friendly and not just search engine friendly.  Make sure they have useful information on them and draw in the user with your blog posts also.


Why SEO is Very Important for Your Online Business – Website Developers Can Help

Website developers know that SEO, or search engine optimization, is very important for your online business to succeed today.  Because of how hugely populated the internet is, with more than 80 million active domain names, it is clear that you have some competition.  Of course, not all 80 million active websites will be competing with you for page placement on Google, but unless you have a very specific niche, chances are you have at least a few thousand websites selling something similar to you.  In order to stand out and grab the attention of search engines, you must implement SEO tactics on your website.

Without knowledge of SEO, you will never gain the traffic you are seeking.  Website developers understand that programs used by Google, often called spiders or crawlers, follow links, analyze web pages, index them, and add them to the search engine database.  Indexing is a process that only search engine owners fully understand, but there are a few critical things you can be doing to help your website please the spiders and put your website higher on a return list than other sites with similar products being sold.

One very important aspect is the utilization of keywords.  However, one common mistake is to overload your pages with keywords on the topic your website is based on.  This will do more harm than good, all respectable website developers will tell you, because your website will be caught trying to exploit the system and marked as spam.  Then, you lose your ranking on Google altogether.  The proper densities of keywords in anything you write for your site—whether you place articles on your webpage or use them as backlinks—are 1% – 2%.  Also, never use a misspelling of something that is commonly searched for simply to grab a spot on the return list when someone conducts a commonly-misspelled search.

Take a look at your page ranking. Unless you are on page one or two of Google when you conduct a search using prime keywords, you need to be implementing more SEO methods on your site.  Whether you have an older website or you are looking to start a new one altogether, you can seek the help of website developers to accomplish your goal of greater, more targeted traffic to your site.  There is no better group of people to help you accomplish your goals than those who design effective websites for a living.