Web hosting providers offer you a way to make your website accessible to anyone with internet access.  You register a domain name, get in touch with a webhost, and have your site up and running, ideally, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Webhosts are the landlords and you “rent” your space on the internet from them.  Once you have a hosting provider in place, you can contact a web design service and begin to shape your website into something professional.  However, there are some questions you need to ask webhosting services before you choose them.

What do you offer and at what price?  Depending on what you need from your website, you could be paying for a simple online presence or you may need a way to allow patrons to conveniently make purchases.  This requires a shopping cart and a secure server for allowing transactions.  Make sure you know what your hosting needs are so you can obtain a proper price estimate from your web host.  To stay on budget, remember that these prices will be added to the charges from your web design service as well.

What is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?  The average website owner would do well to pursue shared hosting, a less expensive option for getting your website up and running.  Multiple sites are hosted on the same server with this option.  If you have a personal or small business website where traffic should not be sky-high, this is the best option.  Dedicated hosting allows you to have the whole server to yourself.  If you own a large organization that is bound to have heavy amounts of traffic at once, you will want a dedicated server to prevent your customers from being booted off your site.  Higher fees are associated with this kind of hosting, so keep this in mind when you contact a web design service for their contributions to your website.

What about free web hosting?  Even with the word “free” being present here, web hosting must still be paid for somehow.  In this case, advertising is the key.  If you want free web hosting, not only will you have limited access to bandwidth and disc space, you will also experience banner ads all over your website in order to fund the hosting costs.  These ads are for third party companies that sell dissimilar products to yours.  Even though you need to balance your web hosting costs with your web design service fees, choosing a paid service is superior to free web hosting.

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