SEOWe offer a full range of web design services for your business, and we can also offer you German translation, which opens up a whole new world of customers.  We can provide online marketing in both languages, graphic design, SEO and more.

Seller’s Bay has been building and promoting websites since 1998.  A new online business needs a development firm that is well rounded and has been around a while so they know how to correctly promote your business.  After the recent Google updates such as; Panda, Penguin and the others, it is even more important to have very high-quality, unique and engaging content on your site that is both interesting and useful to readers.  This is what Google’s ultimate goal is, so if you follow in this direction your site will not only do well today, but in the future also.  Getting a bunch of links to your site that are totally unrelated to your business, have your keywords in the link text, and lots of key phrases in the content used to be a great idea, not anymore.  Each page needs to be written with the visitor in mind, we have professional writers that can write unique content that is SEO optimized but has the read in mind.

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