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How to Choose a Good Domain Name – Some Mistakes to Avoid

Have you considered that the success of your website could be directly related to the domain name you choose to operate from?  Since registering your website’s domain name is one of the first steps in setting up your website with a web design service, you should spend the proper amount of time considering what your domain name should be.  With so many websites already in existence, the first few obvious choices you come up with may already be taken.  This could require you to get a little creative, but do not commit the most common mistakes when selecting your domain name.  Here is what to avoid.

The first common mistake is choosing a domain name that is unrelated to your product or is too vague.  The hope here, after exhausting obvious domain names that are already taken, is to intrigue the customer to visit again because they may not remember what the site was for until they are directed back to it.  This method does not work very often, however, because people conducting Google searches will often glance at the URL below the description and click on it only if it seems to fit what they are searching for.  A web design service can tell you this much.

The next mistake is to add things like dashes, underscores or misspellings to find a domain name that is not already taken.  For instance, if you sell party supplies, but is already taken, you may try for or  It is better to steer toward a different set of words than to introduce dashes and underscores.  Also, if your business sells unique cat care supplies, but obvious domain names are already taken, your web design service will tell you not to settle for a misspelling like  Your past customers will not remember the misspelling and you could lose a great deal of business by doing this.

The final mistake is to make your name very long in an effort to avoid a repeat domain name selection. may make sense to you, but the long name will not encourage repeat visits because it is not memorable.  If there simply is no sensible available .com domain name within your niche, you may need to settle for a .net or .info page.  It is less desirable than a .com website, as any web design service will tell you, but it is better than succumbing to these common mistakes.