Outlook Email Setup Tutorial

Step 1 - Adding a NEW email account

-- First, select "Tools" and then "Accounts" from the Outlook Express menu bar.
-- Next, click on the "Add" button on the right side of the new popup window, and then "email".
-- Now, you see a window (example shown below). Type in the first and last name of the person for whom this new email account is to be setup for. Then click "Next"

Email Setup

Adding a NEW email account, continued

-- Type the ENTIRE email address associated with this new account. This is what people will see when they receive an email sent from this new account. It is also the email address that is used when they click "reply" to your email.

Email Setup

Adding a NEW email account, email server names

-- The first item should by default be "POP3". Leave it that way.
-- Incoming Mail Server (also called POP3 Server). This field should be "mail." plus your entire domain name. The example below uses "mail.your_domain_name.com" (without the quotes).
-- Outgoing Mail Server (also called SMTP server). Depending on who you use for your Internet access, this field is normally going to be the same as the POP3 server.

NOTE:    If your Internet provider requires that you use THEIR SMTP server, be sure to enter that in this field and NOT one associated with your domain name.

Email Setup

Adding a NEW email account, Internet mail logon

-- Account name: Enter your full email address for this new account. If you only enter "johndoe", it will not work.
-- Password: Type the password that was setup for this account.
-- Remember password: This is generally a usefull option. It allows email to be checked continually, without requiring you to type your password each time that Outlook Express checks for new mail.
-- Log on using Secure Password Authentication: Leave this box UNchecked. Our servers do not require this type of authentication.

Email Setup

Adding a NEW email account, saving new account

-- When you are satisfied that you entered all the details correctly, click on the "Finish" button.

Email Setup

Step 2 - Editing your newly created email account

-- In order for the new email account to work properly, there are a few things that need to be altered.
-- Select "Tools" and then "Accounts" from the Outlook Express menu bar.
-- Now, find the entry that has the newly created account. It will appear as the Incoming (POP3) Server that you used. Click on that entry. Then, Click on the "Properties" button.

Email Setup

Step 2a - Editing your newly created email account - general tab

-- In the first field, we recommend that you type your new email address here. It makes it easier to recognize.
-- If you want Outlook Express to automatically check for new mail, be sure to check the box at the bottom of the screen.
-- The rest of the fields on this screen should be self-explanatory.

Email Setup

Step 2b - Editing your newly created email account - servers tab

-- If you are using "mail.your_domain_name.com" (using your domain name) for the SMTP server, make sure that the checkbox at the bottom of the screen is checked (My server requires authentication).

Email Setup

Step 2c - Editing your newly created email account - advanced tab

-- Server Port Numbers: By default, these should be
   Outgoing mail - 25
   Incoming mail - 110
-- Server Timeouts: If you experience timeout errors, you should consider setting this to at least 2 minutes.
-- Delivery: "Leave a copy of messages on server" We recommend that you leave this checkbox UNchecked. Otherwise, you will accumulate emails on the email server, and you may exceed the 15 MB storage limit very quickly.
-- Now, click the "OK" button. Then, click "OK" again. Once your domain name is pointed to our server and has been fully propogated, you should be able to send a test email to yourself and receive it.

Email Setup

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